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Options for Varia and PRactica

Automatic return of the cut material.

With the "RTS" function the cut material can return to the operator in front of the machine. This option is only available with the D-Touch controller, available with a 10'' or 12" display.


Waste Sorting.

When your machine is equipped with a D-Touch controller, Deratech is able to equip your new hydraulic shear with a trashcan. This trashcan can be unloaded (depending of the design of the machine) to the front, to the side or to the back of the machine.

This system will be positioned under the sheet support system, when this function is activated on the D-Touch controller the sheet support system will automatically move, than the cutted strips of material will be able to fall into the trashcan.

Small parts unit.

The D-Touch controller has a function to sort small parts. When activating this functions the small parts return into a box placed in the front of the machine. The cutted pieces may have a size to        300mm x 250mm.


PRACTICA 3m 6mm with options